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Photos Moved to New Location

Photographs I have shared among friends, family and colleagues for many years have been physically moved to a new website.

The new address for the photo gallery is

Some shared photographs are already in folders (sometimes called galleries or albums) where passwords are required.  Because my intention is to eliminate passwords from various folders, I am listing them here for those folders on the new site having them currently:

ABAGers: 101_8_JPBM

Bunker Family Association (BFA): CND_BunkY!

family – 2473zMed

friends – 97ZHHXV

Roblees – n0_freNch  That is not an O but a zero.

Feel free to let me know if you have difficulties accessing these photos.

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Website Security

This WordPress site is now active with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security implemented. Please note that the correct way of accessing the site is by entering

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My Dirty Dozen: 12 Family Heroes

Anne Jennings Brazil was thoughtful enough, since we are distantly related and both interested in family history, to send me a copy of her first book (she’s already hard at work on a new one) as a Christmas present. I read through it in an afternoon, and was fascinated by her stories of relatives growing up in the same part of California where my mother’s family settled. It is amazing the similarities in the history of our ancestral family. If you are interest in family history research, or even California history in the 20th Century, this is a nice collection of stories.
You can find it on Amazon:

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Behanna Family 2016 Update

This week, I received an update on one of the extensive lines in my family tree.  Two of my Williams cousins (Hannah and Sarah Jane) married two Behanna brothers in Pennsylvania. I have shared information periodically with those working to document the descendants of James Behanna.  Researcher Bill Jones has done a masterful job trying to identify the origins of the Behanna surname, concluding that James Behanna was not born in Scotland as many online family trees suggest, but in Pennsylvania. He also concludes that the ancestral surname was not Behanna, but Buchanan.  If you are interested in Bill’s research, you may download his update.

For those who want to explore the Behanna lines more fully, you may download my Descendants of James Behanna report in PDF format.

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Family Tree Data updated

After an update to Family Tree Maker due to its purchase from Ancestry by another software vendor, my family tree data base has also been updated on this site. Please feel free to visit.



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2015 Update on the Presumed Descendents of William Rublier and Abigail Brush

Cindy Walcott, on behalf of those researching the Roblee family, has updated her earlier work on the presumed descendants of William Rublier and Abigail Brush.  The report is available for downloading from the link below.   Unlike previous versions (which remain available from the site), this file is not password protected. We do ask that individuals using the file respect Cindy’s great contribution to the family history, and share the file only after giving her credit for this research.

Here’s Cindy’s comment about the file:

“The last update was in 2011. Since that time, I have continued to review my
data periodically, with the goal of making it as accurate and complete as
possible. Since 2011, a growing number of vital records are available on
line on, and other sites. Also, I have made
liberal use of historic newspaper sites, such as and They have been especially helpful for New York
families. I have been charmed by all of the local news I found on these
sites. Not only news of birth, marriages and deaths, but a myriad of little
details like who travelled where to visit whom,

“As always, I hope you will take the time to review the information about
your own ancestry, and to correct me where necessary. I have excluded
information about living people, or people presumed to be living, based on
year of birth.

“I think about all of those relatives of ours who died at birth, or during
childhood, or who left no descendants.  In some ways, I feel a special
obligation to them. Who remembers them, or tends their graves?  Let us be
the ones.”

The document is in PDF format, and is approximately 4MB in size.

Presumed Descendents of William Rublier and Abigail Brush

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Dual Boot OS on a Tablet Computer

I’m backing this successful Kickstarter project, and my next upgrade hardware purchase was an ASUS Transformer T100 tablet booting Windows 8.1 and when Console OS is installed, it will dual boot to Android. Will keep my iPad gen 3, though, as well as my other Android devices (smartphone and tablets).  The grandkids always want to borrow them for hours.

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Southern Oregon Lavender Trail Tour

hdr_00009_0Manuela and I visited six Southern Oregon lavender growers on the SO Lavender Trail tour on Sunday, July 13. The photo is from the English Lavender Farm on Thompson Road in the Applegate Valley.


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Family History Software updated

My family history pages have been updated to version 10 of The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building.  Please report any anomalies to me.

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Getting Ready to Upgrade Family History Pages

Version 10 of TNG will be out tomorrow at RootsTech. I’ll be upgrading as soon as it’s available online.

TNG is The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building.

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