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Roblee researchers new web site

Greetings to my fellow Roblee/Robblee (and other spelling variation) researchers. I haven’t sent a message to the list for some time, but thought itwould be appropriate to make some general announcements of some changes.

The welcome message for the Roblee-L mailing list at has been updated slightly – most of you won’t need to worry about it, or might not even notice the small changes. But, the welcome message does reflect an upcoming change to be implemented gradually in the next few months.

After much thought, I have registered a new domain name for our group. Last year, it seemed silly, but the more thought given to it, the more it appealed to me. Our newly registered domain is

Note the addition of the “s” to the domain name, to indicate we’re a more pluralistic and larger group…and also symbolizes we’re not just those with a Roblee spelling.

I plan to let the old domain name of expire when the registration runs out in November (unless somebody thinks we should keep it), and the web site address of will continue to operate until that time. Along about October 1, that web site will indicate the change in name, and redirect folks to our new web site, which is

If you check, you’ll find the new domain and web site is already available. I’ve retained the basic web theme and design, and will update both web sites simultaneously until October 1. For those of you in the group who wish to do so, you can change your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera or other browser right now. I plan to add to our new web site a few more research materials, and will be requesting information from group members in the next few months.

As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions about the web site; feel free to share with me privately or through the mailing list.

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