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A Netbook Computer Rebuild

Did you ever wish participating in Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media were simpler? Last night I took an MSI Wind netbook (of course I had added 1GB of RAM to it and it has a 160GB hard drive) and installed Jolicloud 1.2–a Linux based system with many common social media applications such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter (though I removed this one) and some others preinstalled. This reconfigured computer will be perfect to carry on trips when all I need to do is check e-mail, make a few posts to FB or my blogs, and not attempt to do anything serious such a writing reports, do major photo editing, or trying to update my family history data base in a major way (though it has an application to view my family history data and even do minor edits).

The Jolicloud installation even comes with a great player (VLC) for music. I’ve converted all my CD music to FLAC format and have all the files on an external USB hard drive (actually it is a backup of my main PC music). Playing these with the VLC player and using some decent headphones, the music is first rate.

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