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Get the versatility of a tablet in an e-reader – updated

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a notice on a site devoted to the Android operating system (used in many smart phones and tablets) regarding a miniature memory card that would convert a Barnes and Noble Color Nook into a tablet with many Android applications. The microSD card with the Android system, including some apps, cost the price of the SanDisk card itself.  I had been disappointed with the add-on applications that came with the Color Nook but love its e-book reader features.  So I was intrigued by the prospect of getting my e-mail, keeping my contacts and calendar, accessing PayPal and my bank accounts, and a host of other applications such as Google Earth and Google Maps–just like I can on my HTC 4G smartphone with its 4.3 inch screen–only this time on a 7 inch reader. Granted, it’s not an iPad or a 10 inch Android tablet. But a 8 1/2 by 11 document in PDF format can be resized and read quite easily on the modified Color Nook. And the installation and rebooting process was a snap.  Now, I can have an Android tablet instantly on, or reboot to the original Nook OS without voiding any warranty or affecting the built-in operations of the book reader.

There is a Nook reader application included, but it took me a while to figure out how to access my previously purchased books. There is also an Amazon Kindle application pre-installed on the microSD card, which also permits access to Amazon purchased ebooks.

I also installed a music application called Audiogalaxy that permits me to play music from my PC at home on my tablet (the same application is also installed on my cell phone). I have access via phone or tablet to thousands of songs in my music library.  Since these files are stored locally on my PC in lossless format (FLAC) and only the directory of files is stored “in the cloud” I don’t have to use precious memory on the phone or tablet for music.

I definitely am happy with this purchase, and I can’t wait to download an agenda packet for the HRA VEBA trust board meeting in October to see how it functions in real-time when attending a daylong meeting.  If it works as well as it seems, I may never decide I have to have an iPad or Android tablet.   Of course, if the price-performance equation is right, I could be tempted by an Amazon tablet (due out later this year) or an Archos G9 with its internal storage capabilities (tentatively scheduled for September).

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