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Switching to Vista

I’ve been spending the last few days installing software and hardware on a new laptop, which runs Windows Vista. I wasn’t too thrilled about the switch, but needed to buy a laptop to do genealogy work while traveling. Ordered one, and, voila, Microsoft has convinced computer manufacturers that, come what may, users will switch to Vista. Actually, the OS isn’t bad. Of course, I will have to move my genealogy files, etc. to it, and then I’m planning to rebuild the desktop machine. Seems the original motherboard had a weak memory slot and I couldn’t make it recognize the four DIMM strips in it. It would only recognize two of them no matter how I configured it. The new laptop will permit me to rebuild it, and I will use that machine almost exclusively as a photo editing work station and media center. In the meantime, I’ll be able to read e-mail, keep working on my family history, and do simple photo editing on the laptop.

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